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Benefits of housecalls

With more than twenty years of professional expertise, I am dedicated to providing high-quality veterinary care not only in my practice, but also in the comfort of your own home.

What sets me apart from most other veterinarians is the fact that my clients have the choice between the service of housecalls or regular practice visits. Either one, my patients always receive preventive medical, surgical and dental care from the same veterinarian time after time.

Benefit’s For Your Pet

Have you ever experienced your cat freaking out when you want to put her in a cat carrier? In fact, some pets become a nervous wreck when they have to go to a clinic but stay remarkably calm and relaxed when the vet examines them in their home environment.

Can you imagine how difficult it might be for an old dog, suffering from joint pain, to jump into your car to go to the vet? When your pet is sick and cannot be transported to my practice, a visit at your home is more convenient for your dog or cat.

Housecalls also offer an added aspect of care. At your home, along with offering my medical expertise, I may also notice things in your environment that could be altered in order to help your pet’s condition. For example, I might see that your older, arthritic dog’s food bowls are on the ground and it might be easier for the dog to eat if they were raised up a bit.

Does your pet have a behavioral issue? To understand the underlying problem, behavioral counseling can be done best in the animal’s home environment, where I can have a better understanding of the ways his or her environment might be causing or contributing to their behavior.

Benefit’s For You

Instead of traveling to and waiting in my practice, the obvious convenience of being at home is one of the intangible benefits for you. Especially when your own mobility is limited or you are under time pressure, a personal visit might fit your schedule better. A housecall is also a good choice when you have several pets for which transport would be too strenuous. During this appointment, you spend the whole time working one-on-one with me getting my full attention from the beginning to review your pet’s health and to discuss the best plan for her care.

End of life care

There are times when the most respectful and understanding way to help your ailing pet is to offer supportive and palliative care. Our job is to step back from the state-of-the-art medicine and instead provide more humble care, such as focusing on their comfort at home and relief from pain. If your pet has a terminal condition, I can work with you to provide the care and support at home that will help keep your pet comfortable and dignified even as he or she approaches the end of life. A humane, compassionate euthanasia at home is the last favor I can also offer for your beloved pet.